agilePRAXIS starts a new season with more ideas, and more conversations.
Dr Bernhard Sterchi is a Thought Sorter, and an Opportunities Room Cleaner. But first of all, he is a good mate.
Peerview is a new app-based method for peer coaching. It uses Oblique Strategies designed explicitly for leadership, change management, and Agile.
In this session, Bernhard, creator of Peerview, shows us some of the app’s theory and experiences, and how you can use it for yourself or your team. But more importantly, we get to try out the method in peer coaching sessions right away.
So if you are currently working on challenging topics (who isn’t?), get ready to find extra profit by uncovering novel points of view and approaches in this session!
And of course, unlimited access to the app is complimentary for all session participants.

This event was a crossover event between agilePRAXIS and agile studio CH.

Recording from the event

Chat conversation

18:10:11 From Bernhard Sterchi : You were working on an issue and you were stuck. How did you get unstuck?
18:10:37 From Nicole Helmerich : I stopped and went for a walk
18:10:46 From Ville Reijonen : Talked with a mate
18:10:52 From Elsa Wormeck : I said to myself think it different
18:10:53 From Mun-Wai Chung : Do something else and come back to it
18:10:54 From Manolo Lopez : A nap
18:11:00 From Virginia Anderson : Adapted to the environment and didn’t push the person
18:11:23 From Pierre Neis : napping during a walk
18:11:32 From Mun-Wai Chung : Reacted to “napping during a wal…” with 🤣
18:12:23 From Virginia Anderson : new perspective and released stress
18:12:31 From Nicole Helmerich : a fresh mind – a refreshed body and spirit
18:12:41 From Elsa Wormeck : New connections in my brain
18:13:07 From Pierre Neis : my neurone has only one connection
18:13:07 From Bernhard Sterchi : New options for tough problems
18:13:13 From Ville Reijonen : Time for subcontinious mind to work on the issue
18:14:40 From Bernhard Sterchi : Occasional
18:16:22 From Bernhard Sterchi : Contextual
18:17:50 From Bernhard Sterchi : How could a technical tool contribute to “new options for tough problems”?
18:17:59 From Nicole Helmerich : I am back in 2mins
18:22:37 From Mun-Wai Chung : What they study and what they actually do are 2 different things most of the time…
18:23:03 From Manolo Lopez :
18:24:07 From Bernhard Sterchi : Not deliver the solution, but trigger, enhance, augment your solution building process.
18:24:47 From Bernhard Sterchi : Peerview
18:25:40 From Bernhard Sterchi : N3XCQ9
18:27:28 From Nicole Helmerich : Peerview
18:28:23 From Elmontasser : I am sorry i dont see the link
18:28:31 From Nicole Helmerich : it is not a link
18:28:41 From Nicole Helmerich : the name of the app is called peerview
18:28:51 From Nicole Helmerich : you can find it on your phone in the app store
18:28:53 From Pierre Neis : download the Peerview app on Appstore or
18:28:59 From Nicole Helmerich : you download and enter the code
18:31:29 From Elmontasser : Thanks
18:31:45 From Pierre Neis : 😃
18:36:16 From Mun-Wai Chung To Pierre Neis(privately) : Sorry Pierre, I need to run. It was nice seeing you again 🙂
18:37:22 From Nicole Helmerich : LS Troika consulting and LS wise crowds would be a beatiful add on to this…
18:40:00 From Elmontasser : I am sorry i dont have a camera
18:40:08 From Elmontasser : my pc is intel machine
18:40:48 From Elsa Wormeck : Founding a new company with friends
18:42:42 From Luc Gerardin : I am on the road so won’t really gonna able to take part in the interactive session unfortunately
19:14:38 From Nicole Helmerich : chat has a bug again
19:14:47 From Nicole Helmerich : my chat disappeared
19:14:57 From Nicole Helmerich : anybody saved the chat?
19:15:18 From Pierre Neis : the whole session will be recorded so the chat will be saved too
19:17:10 From Nicole Helmerich : the system at work
19:35:50 From Elmontasser : Elmontasser Aboulfadl

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