agile coach program & certification

3 years ago I started t work on a program distilling the necessary skills allowing the students to work effectively as an agile coach. Through the interactions, a program has been created on several layers:

  • to register
  • to get the documents
  • to attend the 5 days class an experiment collective learning
  • to get 10 hours of coaching individual and in a team, on-site and virtual
  • to get the certification by achieving the first level (yellow belt)
  • to reach the next level (blue), you have to work on a project with the support of one coach of our group. In a period of 6 months, once you are ready, you have to attend a Play14 event and propose a review session to demonstrate what you have learned in front of other coaches. What will be measured is not your proficiency in theory or tooling, it´s about how you behave, what you discovered, what you experimented. At the end of that session, the decision is taken in public, it´s all about the gut.
  • the next step is mastery (black belt). Like previously, you have to work on a project during a maximum of one year with a master coach. This project, in particular, it is called your masterpiece. Your masterpiece is the part of you that you bring into the agile coaching program corpus. And again, you will have to demonstrate it during an hour session during a Play14.

To keep the discussion running, a bi-weekly online/onsite Meetup has been set up to share, to get inspired, agilePRAXIS.

agile coaching certification levels

5 days, 5 knowledge areas

If you are interested or if you want more details, please contact me :

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